Koffee Klatch at Windsor


On a recent [day] morning, a small group of Windsor residents gathered in the community tearoom. Bea Wojtyla turned on the TV to World Cup coverage, prompting the group to speculate as to how the United States would fare against Belgium. “Who knows if they will win?” said Wojtyla (they didn’t).

While sipping on coffee and enjoying Danishes, the ladies shifted through various topics including NBC Today’s interview with Monica Lewinsky, how to navigate a personal computer and the Internet, what was happening with their own families, and finally ending with their plans for the day.

“This is the best part of the day for us to get together and catch up, even though we mostly gossip,” said Dorothy Dickey about the resident Koffee Klatch, Windsor’s informal social hour.

Besides Dickey and Woktyla, neighbors Evelyn Robison, Elaine Goolsby and Irene Ells are among the residents who get together every morning for a short chat and enjoyment of the company. The gathering began nearly 10 years ago, when several had first moved into the community; it has since expanded to include many others.

“It’s a really nice way to build community and camaraderie among the residents,” says Executive Director Kurt Norden.

Building a new social life after a move into a senior living community can be especially important for those who are single or feeling isolated. The tearoom and surrounding lounge offers residents a place to get acquainted and take advantage of being part of a larger community, said Norden.

He and his staff are often asked to join the Koffee Klatch for impromptu conversation. He was recently corralled by the ladies to chat about the upcoming residents association meeting. “I often ask the ladies if I should grab a napkin to take some notes, which always gets them laughing.”



Royal Oaks’ Janice Masters Talks Essential Herbs and Sexy Seniors


Janice Masters, Royal Oaks resident program & wellness director, tackles the tough subject of sexual intimacy and seniors in a guest column for the June issue of The Essential Herbal magazine. Dispelling the myth that older adults don’t have sex or enjoy it, Masters offers some guides on how to boost your sex life after 65 through healthy eating, exercise, and essential herbs and oils.

Check out an excerpt below:

Who says you can’t fall passionately in love when you’re 85? Or that two people can’t desire each other madly after spending over 50 years together? It simply isn’t so. In the senior community where I work there are many happy couples and some not so happy just as in any adult age group. But seniors in love often contend with challenges younger couples don’t face when it comes to keeping the flame of physical love burning bright. Common complaints are vaginal dryness for women, prostate and impotency issues for men, and decreased libido for both. Fortunately, there is a good deal of herbal support available to promote healthy sexuality in older adults.

Let’s start with the basics: getting enough sleep, eating well and staying active are all important for good health and great sex. A diet filled with fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits helps keep Aphrodite’s temple (your beautiful body) in good order, and a routine of regular exercise that includes stretching helps maintain strength and flexibility. After all, if your stamina and range of motion are too limited, your free flow of sexual energy and creativity in both pleasing your partner and receiving pleasure may be inhibited by pain. Great motivation (methinks) to keep your body moving!


Match Point at Westminster Gardens

Tennis, anyone? At Westminster Gardens, there’s always someone up for a match or two on the Duarte community’s tennis court.

“There’s always a group playing just about every other day, and they take the game very seriously,” says Lewis Sappenfield, director of facilities and grounds. Sappenfield’s team recently resurfaced the court, which was part of the original estate owned by Dr. Wayland Morrison in the early 1920s.

For many of the residents, tennis has always been a part of the daily exercise regimen. Some who played as teenagers are now rekindling their enthusiasm for the game. “I purchased a new racket when we moved here just so I could start playing again,” says resident Rita Lossett, who played on and off again while in college and for a couple of years after. Now she’s on the court with her husband and others about four times a week.

“It’s great exercise and great camaraderie. It also helps with your balance and hand-eye coordination.”


Meet White Sands’ Travel Buffs

White Sands residents Bernard and A.J. Goodhead

In a community of well-traveled residents, White Sands residents Bernard and A.J. Goodhead have become known as hard-core travel buffs, most recently sharing tales of their excursion to Iraq with neighbors. The couple has lived in La Jolla for 24 years, moving to White Sands a little more than a year ago.

In a recent interview with The Sandpiper—the community’s resident newsletter—the couple shared why White Sands was “a natural place” for them to make home.

Sandpiper: What attracted you to White Sands in the first place?

A.J.: We’ve lived in La Jolla for many years. We raised our children in the Muirlands and once they were gone from home, we moved down to the Village for 24 years. We enjoy the La Jolla area and wanted to be somewhere we knew we would be close to help should we ever need it. The activities here are so varied—many choices which we enjoy making.

Bernard: We knew about White Sands, and it was a natural place for us to consider.

Sandpiper: Your apartment is beautiful! Have you been able to make it the home you wanted?

A.J.: We did have to give up several rooms of furniture once we left our bigger house, but we love our apartment here at White Sands because it’s all on one floor and, most important, we were able to keep our art.

Sandpiper: Tell us a little about your career in medicine, Bernard, and how you met and married A.J.

Bernard: I was born and raised in Derby, England, and was a youngster during the war. As a child I played the violin and later the piano. It was in England that I decided to become a doctor. I was a medical doctor and surgeon in England and emigrated to the USA (Texas) in 1960. I eventually moved to a practice in the San Diego area, where I met A.J. She was born and raised in Philadelphia. While working at AT&T, she requested a transfer to the San Diego area and completed her master’s degree in Psychology. We met and married in San Diego. I retired from surgery after 35 years due to an accident affecting two fingers. I then worked 10 years in emergency rooms for various medical contractors all over the U.S. and the world.

Sandpiper: Could you share some highlights of your lives?

A.J.: My exceptional husband and family. I think we’ve had a great marriage due to our shared interests in travel, which combine our love of history and reading.

Bernard: My wife, my three children and my grandchildren! Those are the highlights of my life!





Regents Point Host Senior Fitness Day


Let the games begin! Regents Point held its eighth annual Senior Fitness Day. Residents got a little exercise as they competed against each other in shuffleboard, rubber chicken toss, putting on the green and a host of other games. Check out the day’s event and the first-place winners:


Redwood Terrace Residents Take a Rosy Stroll

Rose Show

Redwood Terrace residents recently traveled to San Diego for the American Rose Society annual show, where they saw old garden roses, tea roses, heirloom roses and several other types.

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